This application can be used for a wide variety of options.

Surveying and accurately measuring large in-accessible areas.

Viewing the condition of buildings, roofs etc. close up without the use of mobile  elevated working platforms, scaffolding, etc. to give a more detailed overall picture of the condition.

Locating items in large areas quickly and efficiently.

Live streamed video link provides the option to change the current area being surveyed where required.

Recording sites before and after changes have been made.

All Surveying flights and photography logged and stored on micro SD card in HD for review at a later date.

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UavPilot  is an exciting new company for the South East commencing in early 2016.


The speed Unmanned Aerial Vehicle technology has moved in recent years is staggering, enabling an affordable alternative for many applications where high resolution photography JPEG & RAW, Film at UHD 4k, MOV or MP4, with UHD 4096w x 2160h res variable FPS, or even real time surveying is required.


The equipment used by UavPilot is the latest Dji Inspire 1. UAV with the Zenmuse X3 camera. It uses GPS positioning with up to 25 satellites at one time to give unprecedented accuracy and stability. When GPS is unavailable i.e. in small buildings, the UAV uses an intelligent sonar based + vision positioning system to map and log its position.

The operator or “Pilot” will be C.A.A. (Civil Aviation Authority) approved, certified and fully insured having over 11 years experience flying a wide range of remote controlled helicopters and currently  8 years as a qualified club instructor.


The comparatively small size and low noise level of the UAV makes it an ideal tool for a list of growing applications and uses.


UavPilot can be called upon for a minimum of an hour if required making it a very cost effective  system to use.

This application provides a unique opportunity for vendors of large and small properties or estates to give the purchaser a more complete overall picture and be able to provide short films to enhance the portfolios put forward to the client.

We can also provide interior photographs if required.

The opportunity to provide previously unobtainable, affordable elevated high quality   photos of property from any angle is available now using UAV so do not be left behind by your competitors



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  • EventsCommercial, Public or Private Events
  • PropertyShowcase Real Estate
  • AgriculturalDamage & Infestation
  • ConstructionInspection & Live Observation
  • SurveyingAffordale Solutions

Where inspection, pre-inspection, surveying, live observation of current construction updates are required up to a maximum current height of 400ft inside or out, saving the more exorbitant cost of mobile elevated working platforms, scaffolding etc. Every operational flight is saved in full HD film and / or photographs for later reviewing on micro sd card. Live streaming to other locations in the UK requires pre flight arrangement.

Commercial, public or private events filmed and photographed from variable heights and position can provide a new exciting and different perspective to an event adding   appeal and interest especially if the event needs to be promoted or recorded for posterity.

Uav EventsPilot will produce, edit and provide a completed film and/or photographs to the client within an agreed reasonable time after the event.

We are finding applications and uses in the agricultural sector almost daily where the farmer or grower requires fast viewing or monitoring over large areas of land, crops and livestock without damage or disruption to them.

The list is endless but to name a few:

Surveying an area for signs of crop damage or infestation giving the opportunity to modify treatment or the amount of treatment and location required resulting in significant savings on expensive sprays treatment and labour costs.

Checking boundaries or fences before livestock is put to grass.

Efficiently finding livestock over large areas where the terrain is difficult to negotiate.

Checking livestock visually for injury and condition without disruption to the livestock.

Counting livestock or items using high quality photographs.




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